Friday, December 9, 2011

So who's vulnerable or how will they make room...

The Mets current 40 man roster is at 39 players, that's without adding the newly signed Jon Rauch and Frank Francisco.  Which is probably why they haven't been formally announced, that's not even mentioning the vacancies they may need to fill that they don't fell they can from within.

I expected a move today, as the day has passed without a move I wonder how long they can keep these contracts pending.  In regards to the rest of the roster, if I had to guess I would bet they are waiting to see who gets non-tendered before making any decisions.

So what will the Mets do; it seems like the easiest solution is to not offer Ronny Paulino a contract, the team was dissatisfied with him and his spot along with what he would earn through arbitration would be better spent.

But what about the two outfielders, a middle infielder, and possibly a back-up catcher.  I'll assume that any starters who are brought in, are done so on a minor league deal.

Now that the rule five is over they could try to slip a player they protected through, the player would be subject to waivers but because it's their first time, if they weren't claimed they would stay in the system.

After that it appears Mike Baxter, Justin Turner, Daniel Herrera and Josh Satin are the most vulnerable.

Of course, there could be an addition by subtraction, the Mets make a trade, maybe the return are non-roster players or players who fill some of their needs...