Wednesday, December 7, 2011

There's no such thing as underwhelming offer for Pelfrey

Photo by Michael Baron

According to Andy Martino the Mets have listened to offers for Mike Pelfrey but have been underwhelmed by the offers.

Someone should tell them that for many of us Mets fans there is no such thing as an underwhelming offer for Pelfrey.  In fact I know I'm not alone in saying they should be considering non-tendering him.

I know Pelf stays healthy and gives you 200 innings a season but those innings aren't worth what he will ( approx. 5M).  There are plenty of 4-5 starters who are durable and will give you the same quality innings.

It would be worth it to me to not watch him cleaning himself on the mound before he has a predictable meltdown.

I would send Pelfrey packing for what ever I could get and replace him with a Pat Maholm or Jon Garland type, who ever of that level took a deal for 3M plus incentives...