Thursday, December 8, 2011

Torres needs a RHB caddy...

This is not a bash Andres Torres post, there seem to be plenty of those going around since the trade.  Ramon Ramirez makes the trade a win in my opinion but after watching Pagan defensively last season, an upgrade in center field works for me.  Sure Pagan is a better career hitter but how much of his offense is off-set by his horrible play in the field last year.

So based on the little I know about Andres Torres, I'm okay with the deal, but what Torres may need is a right handed hitting caddy. Maybe not a straight platoon, maybe you live with his weak bat against a LHP to start a game but in a critical spot your going to want a righty hitter against that Lefty.

While listed as a switch hitter, looking at his splits Torres isn't very good from the right side against lefties.  In his break out season ( 2010) where he hit BA .268/ OPS .343/ SLG .479/ OPS .823 most of that production came as a left handed hitter against right handed pitching.

LHB against RHP-( AB 418) BA .284/ OPS.355/ SLG .528/ OPS .883
RHB against LHP -(AB 151) BA .226/ OPS .313/ SLG .346/ OPS .659

Although the rest of his career he's been a part time player so the sample size is much smaller the difference in his splits is pretty consistent with his career marks.

For the Mets budget I still think Scott Hairston is their best option but if not Hairston it does look like Torres needs a little help...