Thursday, December 1, 2011

Was Murphy just put on the block..

Photo By Michael Baron
I know in this transition phase, which is a nice way of saying rebuilding, that no one is safe.  But was the clock just started on Dan Murphy, Sandy Alderson during his conference call today stated that 2B was a position they may need to address.  Now I'm assuming that he's referring to 2B if Ruben Tejada is moved to SS.  If they need to address 2B what does that say about Murphy, could it mean he's officially on the trading block.

I've said all along I thought Murphy's best value to this team was as a trading chip.  He simply doesn't have a position, but as a .300 hitter there are many small market AL teams that would use him as a #3 hitting DH. 

Oakland, Seattle and Kansas City would be great landing spots for Murphy, where his glove won't get in the way and his move the line along bat will be accepted despite his lack of power. 

As far as his injury hampering his value, it's an MCL many DHs would play through such an injury if they were in a pennant race, much different then an ACL.