Thursday, December 8, 2011

What Did Jose Reyes Really Mean At His Introduction Press Conference?

Following the press conference where Jose Reyes was officially announced as a Miami Marlin, he answered a variety of questions and was even nice enough to do an exclusive Q&A with the New York media. Reyes was cordial and accommodating. His message however, was jaded and misguided. Jose answered a lot of questions, about a lot of different topics, but the resounding message he had for the New York Mets.."I didn't feel wanted"?

I could give Reyes a pass on a lot of things. Skipping town because he genuinely wanted to try something new. Simply taking the highest offer. Maybe even admitting he didn't enjoy his time in Queens. But don't try to sell me a bill of goods that you didn't feel wanted.

The Mets chose to abide by Jose's wishes when they didn't discuss a contract prior to the start of the season. The team even went as far as asking Jose's agent during the season if they would reconsider. It was Jose and his people who said he just wanted to concentrate on baseball. This is about it always has been.

The thought that the Mets wouldn't, or couldn't match the offer of the Marlins should be of no surprise to Jose. He was here when Sandy Alderson was brought in to end a recent history of poor decisions, here when the Bernie Madoff scandal hit the news reels and here when the Mets started to shed payroll over the summer. The Mets may have never made a real offer to Jose, but they were well within their right to assume that Jose, who professed is unwillingness to offer a hometown discount, wouldn't accept a deal nearly $30 million less than that of the Marlins.

So why make these awkward comments? My guess is that Reyes, who has commented that he is concerned with his lasting reputation amongst Mets fans, wants to pin his decision to leave on the Mets' front office. He enjoyed the beloved feeling he had in Queens and doesn't want his departure to ruin it. I just wish that Jose was knowledgeable enough about our fan base to know that, we understand why he left. While we may not like it, there are few, if any, who would have done things differently.

We know you want to win and we know you want to get paid. We also understand that staying with the Mets probably wouldn't have given you the best chance to do either. So don't lie to us now. Keep it real, as you seemingly always have. Lets just go our separate ways and worry about it again on April 24th when you show up at Citi Field for the first time as a Marlin...unless your on the DL of course!

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