Friday, December 23, 2011

Wright to Philly rumor...

Photo by Michael Baron
Here's an interesting rumor that surfaced today about David Wright, a Phillies site is reporting that they've heard Wright could be traded to the Phillies.

A site called ThePhillyPhans at their twitter account originally tweeted the rumor.  The founder of that site Kevin Kee is the one who made the tweet.  Now this   site is much like Mets Fever a fan site, however; Kee states he has sources.

It appears that after getting some flack about  the rumor Kee continued to clarify his position, to see the actual tweets here's a link to the twitter account.

But he does a nice job on Facebook of explaining himself...

Let me get this through again. We were just passing along information that came our way, believe it or not. Now the source will remain anonymous. Also when I got the message I said really and questioned whether or not to post it. This source has been 100% correct in the past, but never gave information on trades before. Now, I am not backing down from the prior post; however, just like you, I won't believe it until it is official. Oh and btw, threats are not cool. Thanks, Kevin. source ThePhillyPhans Facebook 

I not disparaging this site or their rumor, I am skeptical of any fan site that reports rumors.  Not that I believe anyone would just blatantly mess with people but sometimes the sources a blogger can obtain aren't the most reliable ones, which is why I've always stayed out of the source game.

To their defense in looking into the site it appears that they have broke some signings this off-season.

I've been asked in the past when I've posted a rumor like this, why I lend credibility to such reports.  My response is that if your any kinda fan like myself then your interested in any type of rumor there is no matter how remote it is, it's up to the reader to decide how much credence they're going to put into the report.

As far as this particular report, it would not surprise me if Wright was traded even if it was to the Phillies, whether they'll admit it or not the Mets are rebuilding, so why not trade Wright if the package is worth it.  This is the most negative I've seen the fan base and it's a fan base know to be negative, so it can't get that much worse.

As for myself, I'm skeptical of the rumor but at the same time I wouldn't be surprised by anything the Mets do, after all they're dropping payroll by almost 40% in one off-season.