Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Young rumors showed Turner bad roster fit...

Photo by Michael Baron
It was reported earlier today that the Mets were interested in flipping Justin Turner for Eric Young Jr.  In reading several die hard Mets fans tweets and message board it doesn't sound like this is a very popular idea.

Let me preface this by saying since those rumors were reported the Turner portion has been debunked.  It seems like the Mets and Rockies are bantering names such as Niese, Smith and Young.

While Turner has become a fan favorite for his clutch performance  in the first half of the season.  Overall; Turner hit .260 BA, .334 OBP, .356 Slg. and .690 OPS. The first two months of the season he hit .320 then had an up and down year, two months ( June/Aug) he hit .200 and two months (July/Sept.) he hit .280.

This isn't about Turner's offensive ability, he's probably a better hitter then most middle infielders who are available at the price the Mets are willing to pay.  There really isn't a spot for Turner who is out of options but without acquiring someone who can play 2B they have to keep him.

Murphy has enough offense for the team to carry a weak hitting caddy, for late in close games but what they don't have is a back-up SS. By all accounts Flores and Valdespin aren't ready even in a pinch, therefore the Mets have to sign a back-up who can play SS.  Turner plays 2B or 3B, for a game or two he can play 1B or corner outfield.  There is no room for Murphy, Turner and Wilson/Cedeno type with Lutz, Havens and Satin in AAA on the roster and with options.  Turner's offense is similar to Murphy in which he has no speed with line drive power, not really making his spot justifiable as a pinch hitter/runner.

The Mets have plenty of 3B/1B options and corner outfield making Turner a bad fit for the roster.  Young or a guy like Young can caddy for Murphy at second, play all three outfield positions and pinch run.  Last year in 77 games Young only hit .247 BA, .342 OBP, .298 Slg., and .640 OPS, but stole 27 while only getting caught 4 times.  He played 48 games at 2B and 58 games in the OF at the major league level last year, in AAA he played 18gms. 2B, 14 gms. LF and 33 gms. CF.