Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ankiel running out of teams but is he too expensive

As currently constructed the Mets bench isn't perfect, it seems to have a lack of power and duplication of services.  Nickeas, Hairston, Turner, Cedeno and Loewen or Baxter.

I'd use one of Turner's options and tuck him away in Buffalo while we see how Murphy does at 2B and replace him with a power hitting corner infielder, Zack Lutz or a FA agent who accepts a minor league deal.

It makes sense to have a left handed outfielder to compliment Hairston but I'd prefer to have someone more proven then Loewen or Baxter.

Rick Ankiel would be a nice fit on the bench and the Mets were interested in him earlier this off-season.

Ankiel, of course, would bring his own heavy baggage. A onetime St. Louis pitching phenom who lost his ability to throw strikes, Ankiel remade himself as an outfielder. His return to the Cardinals seemed like a fairy tale - until the Daily News reported in 2007 that Ankiel had received a 12-month supply of human growth hormone in 2004, linking him to a national illegal-prescription, drug-distribution operation. Now, Ankiel is just a strong-armed outfielder attempting to re-establish himself after a down season. source NY Daily News 

After some buzz surrounding the outfielder the Ankiel market seems to be cooling off,  Washington Times says the Nats haven't ruled bringing him back.  The Nats have room to bring him back as a 4th-5th outfielder but Ankiel maybe looking for a bigger role.  His agent is selling him as a late bloomer after converting from a pitcher.

Rick Ankiel another free agent Boras client, is still developing as a Major Leaguer, according to the agent. “We have not seen his best years," Boras said. "It’s certainly clear the Nats liked what they saw. It’s just pretty hard to find guys who can play center field, who have that arm strength and who can hit for power.” source MLBTR 

The Reds had interest in Ankiel but went with Ryan Ludwick instead, so did the Yanks but after re-signing Jones they're at five outfielders.  So who gives him a better chance for playing time the Nats or Mets and which team is willing to give him more then an invite...