Sunday, January 1, 2012

Anything to worry about with Familia's delivery...

Photo by Michael Baron
 The Mets once had Generation K, three widely vaunted pitching prospects who fans hoped would anchor the rotation for years to come.  Many people forget that Bobby Jones was a 1st round pick who also came up with Jason Isringhausen, Paul Wilson and Bill Pulsipher.  Aside from Jones who isn't even mentioned in the group the other three never became staples in any rotation.  The three promising prospects all lost their chances to injuries, Isringhausen was the only one to even have a career but as a closer not a starter.

So what about this four, I keep hearing wait till 2013 were going to have an incredible rotation.  It kinda reminds me of around 1993-ish when the last of the 86-88 team was completely gone and we were waiting for Generation K to mature....

Many blamed the Mets for Generation K's injury problems for over using their and rushing them to the majors. Sounds similar to Mejia who was the first to go down and was completely miss-used in 2010.  Was Mejia destine for injury or would you have to almost solely blame his use in 2010.

When the Mets traded for Zack Wheeler there was concern over his elbow, however; most of those concerns have subsided since he reverted to his original delivery.

While it's not an injury concern, I did post yesterday that Matt Harvey went from really good to dominant due to improved control which was a result of stretching out his landing leg during his delivery.

What about Jeurys Familia's delivery, I'm not a pitching coach but from a layman's point of view it doesn't seem like a natural delivery.  It doesn't seem like he's using much of his lower body, instead slinging the ball which would be a lot of torque on his arm especially with how hard he throws.

Baseball Instincts felt that Familia had improved his delivery during the 2011 season, as quoted below.

Familia has cleaned up his mechanics since the 2010 season. He comes more over the top than he had prior. With that said there is still some recoil in his arm action and that recoil puts added stress on the shoulder that is unnecessary.
He gets decent leg extension and overall isn’t using max effort to get his premium velocity. 

The first video is of him in 2009 and the second is in 2011...