Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baxter and Loewen could be the bench...

Photo by Michael Baron
We've heard all off-season that the Mets are looking for at least a 4th and maybe a 5th outfielder on the free agent market.  But as the financial situation has become bleaker, where they went with Quintanilla as the back-up short stop because the cost of a Jack Wilson/Ronny Cedano/Ryan Theriot was too prohibitive there is the distinct possibility that one or both outfielders are already signed.

I'm sure Mike Baxter and Adam Loewen when they were originally signed were considered back-up players destine for Buffalo but the way things are shaping up they could end up on the bench.

There's plenty of time and players left available but I wouldn't be surprised to hear them say that there's nothing left better then what we have at what it will cost.

Mike Baxter is a 27y/o left handed bat off the bench without much power (aside from his 2010 AAA career year), he's a lifetime .277 MiLB hitter and primarily a RF with 1B as a secondary position ( some LF/CF exposure).  Adam Loewen is going into his fourth full year of conversion from pitcher to position player.  Loewen had a break out year in AAA last year but it was a hitter friendly league, he hit .306 BA with 46 doubles, 17 homeruns, and 85 RBIs. As a former pitcher Loewen has a cannon arm and can play all three outfield positions.

Baxter to me looks like a AAAA player and I'd rather have someone else fill the spot on the roster, Loewen on the other hand I think is worth a shot as the 5th outfielder...

As it stands today, Baxter and Loewen are the two favorites to land backup jobs in New York. That may change if the Mets make an additional signing prior to Spring Training, looking to add veteran depth as they did with Willie Harris and Scott Hairston a year ago. source