Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Braves not so interested in Theriot

Last week it was reported that the Mets were interested in Ryan Theriot, it makes sense for the team to bring in a middle infielder.  One who could take over full time at 2B if Murphy is a bust at the position or play short for two weeks if Ruben Tejada goes on the DL.

Of the group of free agent middle infielders Ryan Theriot is the most appealing compared to aging players like Craig Counsell and Jack Wilson or a player who is all glove/no bat like Ronny Cedeno. Granted Theriot's worst position is SS which is the primary reason he'd be signed, since Turner can fill in at 2B, but he's serviceable at the position and provides a decent bat.  I haven't put much validity into the rumors because if the Mets can't close a deal on Cedeno or Wilson then how can they afford an upgrade in Theriot.

The only way I see Theriot signing with the Mets is if he falls into our laps, he sees a utility player at 2B and a rookie at SS and believes it's his best chance at what's available to start.  Then it will take someone else not over paying him to be their utility man.

When the rumors surfaced just after Christmas it was reported that the Rays, Braves and Mets were interested in the 32 y/o middle infielder.  Yesterday, beat writer for the Braves David O'Brien discounted the Braves interest in him.  So if it comes down to the Rays and Mets, then I think they have a fair shot ( of course there's always the last minute jump in on the bidding team) and he would be a nice pickup.

I’m going to say the Braves’ interest in Theriot was overstated, based on what I’ve gathered in the past few days. I’ll stop short of saying it was inaccurate, since it’s no fun explaining why a team suddenly makes a move that you (meaning me) had just said or indicated they would not make. Source ajc.com