Monday, January 9, 2012

FMart and Herrera on waivers ?

Photo by Michael Baron
Adam Rubin reports that the Mets have placed Fernando Martinez and Daniel Herrera on waivers to make room for Scott Hairston and Ronny Cedeno.

Even if he's unclaimed Herrera can opt for free agency, since he was through waivers twice last year.  Either the Mets don't plan to carry a second lefty or Herrera isn't the primary candidate for the position.

I'm amazed that FMart is in the first round of cuts, maybe it's just because of how big a prospect he once was then his current value.  Six seasons and not one of them has he been able to stay healthy for more then 90 games and he has chronic bad knees.

If unclaimed FMart remains with the organization as his first time through waivers.

One-time top prospect Fernando Martinez as well as left-hander Daniel Herrera may be in their final days with the organization. A source told that both players are on waivers to clear the roster spots for Scott Hairston and Ronny Cedeno. source ESPN NY