Thursday, January 26, 2012

If not Frances maybe Duke

I'm a bit annoyed that another serviceable player has slipped through the Mets grasp at a reasonable price, Jeff Francis going to Cincy on a minor league deal says something about the state of the Mets.  When was the last time the Reds were a more appealing destination then NY when the Nasty Boys were pitching...

Like I said when the rumors leaked last week; Francis is better then his numbers indicate, he's a lefty and he's versatile.  Seeing four teams in play I figured we'd be outbid for his services but that's not the case at all, the other destination was simply more appealing...

So if Francis is off the board, then who's left: I suggested Ross Ohlendorf in a post the other day but if they want a lefty Zach Duke might be an option.

Duke is a 28 y/o lefty in his first six seasons he was a starter with mixed results, he was an All-Star in 2009 in which he posted a 4.06 ERA in 215 innings.  But the very next year he posted a 5.72 ERA in only 159 innings, and during the off-season was traded to the D-Backs.

In Arizona he made nine starts in 21 appearances, of those 12 relief appearances five were game finishes and one was a save.  Last year Duke posted a 12.00 BB/SS ratio (1 BB/12 SO) in 74 PA against LHB in which he allowed a .225 BAA.  As a reliever he posted a 3.86 ERA while as a starter he had a much better BB/SO ratio ( 2.36 / 0.75).