Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Niese underrated sleeper

Photo by Michael Baron

In an article at Roto Authority on Busts and sleepers Jon Niese is identified as a sleeper.

The 25y/o lefty has two full seasons under his belt, in which he has posted a 4.30 ERA/ 1.43 WHIP in 56 starts over those two years.

Roto Authority compares him to Ricky Romero and sees him as an undervalued #3.

With Niese's peripherals already rivaling pitchers who are being drafted far sooner (11 rounds, in Romero's case) than him, the southpaw is one to keep in your back pocket. He's had a couple injuries (unrelated to his arm) already in his career, so don't reach too far, but you'd be wise to regard him as someone who could bring real value to your roster if things break right rather than someone who's just filling out the back of your rotation. source Roto Authority