Sunday, January 8, 2012

Roster discussion- Two need to go...

This week the Mets signed two players to major league contracts, Scott Hairston is believed to have already been to NY for his physical and Ronny Cedeno's contract is awaiting a physical.

With the Mets roster already at 40 they need to make two moves; they can cut players outright, DFA a player, hope they can make it through waivers and accept the assignment ( if they have the option to decline) or make a trade.

Those two spots might not be the only ones they need as they're still looking for a reliever and bench players.  Even if they sign them to minor league deals, at some point they're going to need to add them.

Here are some thoughts on the roster;

Fernando Martinez-  It was reported earlier this off-season that the Mets are considering unloading the former #1 prospect.  Is it time to consider a 22 y/o power hitting outfielder a bust because injuries have side tracked his career.  I wouldn't, but it has taken FMart so long to stay healthy that other outfield prospects like Kirk Nieuwenhuis are almost ready for the majors making him replaceable.  They could DFA him, hope he makes it through waivers and since it would be his first time he couldn't opt for free agency.

Justin Turner-  I don't believe signing Ronny Cedeno was meant to have any implications for Turner, it was simply finding a player who could fill-in at shortstop.  But with Cedeno in the mix Turner now seems like a duplication of services.  I think Turner's biggest assets are his two options, that he hit .350 with RISP and concerns over Dan Murphy's health/defense.  Had the Mets not valued Turner they would have sent him to Colorado for Young Jr.

Dan Murphy-  I still think Dan Murphy is more valuable as a trade chip to a small market AL team instead of as our starting 2B.  I'm a strong believer in up the middle defense ( C, SS, 2B, CF) and I still think that Murphy's bat doesn't out weigh his lack of glove.

Armando Rodriguez- The 23y/o is having some success as a starter but many project him to be a power arm reliever.  He has talent but has only pitched as high as A+, they might take the chance and try to slide him through waivers.

Chris Schwinden-  Schwinden is a AAAA pitcher who can fill in at the back-end of the rotation, spot start or be a long reliever, all from Buffalo.  That's not to say he isn't valuable, in fact the Mets need those type of pitchers and should still be in the market for more of them. But more then likely Schwinden wouldn't be claimed and if he was, could be replaced. Schwinden came up for four starts going 0-2 with a 4.71 ERA, in AAA he went 8-8 with a 3.96 ERA in 28 starts.

Jeremy Hefner- I think it's either Schwinden or Hefner whoever they feel is more valuable as starting depth in Buffalo.  Hefner was selected by Sandy/Depo in the 5th round of the 2007 draft while Omar picked Schwinden in the 22nd round of the 2008 draft.  Hefner has never been in the majors, last year in AAA he made 28 starts with a 4.98 ERA and a record 9-7.  They can't risk both back-up starters but one of them could be designated.

Daniel Herrera- The Mets have their primary lefty Byrdak and Chuck James could end up being the second lefty as a long reliever type instead of a specialist.  Herrera is a trick pitcher, using a screwball and sidearm delivery, they usually get figured out quickly.  Herrera already did his job for this team by getting the Mets out of Frankie's contract.  He made it through waivers last year and I suspect he could again this year.

D.J. Carrasco-   Most of us would put Carrasco at the top of the list but I think his 1.2M contract will get him to spring training, that money would stop a team from claiming him but he could collect his money while electing for free agency.  He posted a 6.02 ERA in 45 appearances, 15 of those appearances were game finishes in mop up duty ( no saves) and as evident by his 67 innings he can pitch multiple innings.

Not discussing trades this would be my order of DFA; Carrasco, Rodriguez, Schwinden, Herrera, Hefner, FMart, Turner ( Murphy strickly a trade option only)...