Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rumor: Mets Hire Turnaround Consultants For Potential Sale?

Update (10:07pm):

This evening, Eno Sarris of Amazing Avenue reported that according to a source familiar with the situation the Mets have hired the turnaround consultants, CRG Consulting, that handled the bankruptcy sale of the Texas Rangers a short time ago.  He is a short excerpt from the post:

A source familiar with the situation has said that the Mets have hired CRG Consulting — the turnaround consultants that handled the Rangers' bankruptcy sale — and that a team sale with or without bankruptcy is on the table. CRG Consulting would not talk about the subject and the Mets declined to comment, but neither has categorically denied the report.
The article concedes that this move doesn't necessary mean that a bankruptcy and/or sale is imminent, but if true it is another testament to the financial difficulties current facing the franchise. Furthermore, Sarris provide good information with regards to the sale of the Rangers and how the circumstances are so very different.

Its a very good post and I'd recommend you check it on in full HERE.