Thursday, January 12, 2012

Was Sandy creative enough for you...

This is truly an open ended question and not one to direct the discussion in a negative direction.  I personally am a fan of the big three front office and feel that they are doing the best they can in a fluid situation that is continually getting worse.

The three trades they have made I have been very impressed with; a balky knee free agent to be Beltran turned into a top pitching prospect, an expressive volatile closer can be unloaded and a change of scenery disappointment can turn into his replacement along with a solid reliever are all excellent moves.

But with the news that the Mets are essentially done for the off-season aside from a few minor league invites, I've heard grumblings that Sandy didn't do enough.

I'm not talking about those fans who have been complaining since Alderson came here that he was bringing money ball to NY, I don't think those fans will ever be happy with him and that's their prerogative.

There are fans who truly understand the restraints that the front office is faced with and still feel that the off-season could have been more productive.  At first I found it hard to understand how anyone could complain about the overall job Alderson and Co. did, sure there have been a few head scratchers most recently DFA FMart over Carrasco. But when you consider that they've shaved 37% of the payroll in one season and will have the lowest payroll since 2002ish, I thought they did a solid job.

If I understand the sentiment it's not about how much they spent but more to do with how they built the roster, which is essentially the same; minus Reyes, plus the returning injured and some spare parts.

Were there players they missed or passed on they should have signed or claimed, what about the trade market should they have been more aggressive. There were so many rumors this off-season and so little actual movement; while I disagree, I can understand how some felt not enough was done.

So below are just a few examples of how an aggressive/creative front office could have changed the complexion of the team while remaining within the shrinking budget.

David Wright for 3-4 top prospects, Jon Niese for two top prospects, Jason Bay as a salary dump paying a large chunk, Familia or Harvey as the cornerstone for Garza or Gonzalez.

So was Sandy creative enough for you...