Sunday, February 26, 2012

Are there warning signs with Tejada...

Photo by Michael Baron
I admit I'm old school, I was taught that 9am meant 8:45am and on your first day it meant 8:30am.  When you were young and had something to prove you always beat the veterans to the job. So when  this whole  disappointment  over not being earlier arose, I got it; that's not to say I blew it out of proportion, it just means that I understood where  the disappointment was coming from.

If Tejada gets off to a solid start no one will remember that he was practically the last player to arrive in camp, but if he and Murphy struggle this story will haunt he, there will be the reoccurring theme of  "if he had only gotten here early to work these things out".  Even if it's offensive struggles they can say his defense is effecting his offense.

As it is the media has already descended upon him and are just looking to fuel the fire.  Now this maybe as baseless as when Jose's handshakes were irritating the media and opposition, but there have been some troubling comments made that could be a warning about keeping Tejada's ego in check...