Monday, February 6, 2012

Could Fukudome be last option from outside...

About a week ago the Mets were supposedly in the market for a LHB off the bench and in a good spot to grab who they wanted.  A week has passed and three lefties have signed minor league deals elsewhere; Juan Pierre, Rick Ankiel and Mark Teahen are all off the board.

So now it's down to Damon, Ibanez and Fukudome still on the open market.  While he's a perfect fit I don't see Damon accepting what were willing to pay and I don't see Ibanez as a fit, besides one of those two may end up in the Bronx. Suddenly this could come down to Fukudome or Baxter/Loewen.

There was some discussion that Hanshin could attempt to bring him back to Japan but according NPB tracker that idea has quieted by the re-signing Matt Murton. 

As David Lennon wrote last week Fukudome might be the best option and now it's starting to quickly look like he could be the only option...