Sunday, February 26, 2012

Have The Nationals Set The Market Price For David Wright?

Any Met fan upset about the manner in which Jose Reyes departed Queens last season and fears that the same fate lies ahead for David Wright will not be happy to learn that the Nationals have just dealt out a massive contract to their own third baseman, Ryan Zimmerman.

Zimmerman's deal guarantees six years at $126 million with a club option for a seventh season, which would bring the deal to a total of $150 million. This new deal also piggybacks his current one, meaning that it will start in 2014. This is bad on so many level for the Mets.

Whether or not the Nationals just grossly overpaid for Zimmerman is a moot point. If this does set the market value for Wright, the question becomes can the Mets afford to issue that type of salary figure, since they certainly balked at the idea with Reyes. Furthermore, can Sandy Alderson stomach the idea of issuing a deal of that length.

It would be hard to argue that Zimmerman hasn't put up better numbers in recent years, but the fact remains that their career numbers are very similar:

The other wild card here will be how David reacts within the newly redesigned confines of Citi Field.  Should he return to form, there is no reason why Wright wouldn't command a similar contract.  Age may play a minimal factor, as Wright is two years older than Zimmerman, but injury (as we sit today) shouldn't not be a major detractor from this price range because Zimmerman also missed two months in 2011 due to injury.

Plain and simple, if your a David Wright advocate this should be rough news to digest.  When the time comes to work on a new contract, the same will hold true for Wright that stood true for Reyes.  They may take a slight discount to stay in New York, but no one will leave tens of millions of dollars on the table.  The Zimmerman deal puts even more emphasis on Wright's 2012 season, as the team should look to either trade him or extend his contract next winter.  Scary stuff Mets fans...scary stuff...

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