Saturday, February 18, 2012

How Healthy Is Johan Santana?

This is purely something that I thought was a bit peculiar this week... For anyone who isn't aware, Johan Santana and Chris Young had the exact same surgery. However, Johan's was completed in September of 2010, versus Young's which done following his exit from the Mets rotation last year in May of 2011. However, this was some of the dialog from this week:

Johan Santana played catch from 175 feet today. Terry Collins said he looked great, hopefully will throw off mound by the end of the week. ~Brian Costa - WSJ~
Chris Young is is progressing quickly to this point. Terry Collins said Young is already throwing on flat ground at 180 feet and currently projects to be ready at the end of May. ~Adam Rubin - ESPNNY~
Yes, I understand that everyone is different when it comes to rehabbing from injuries and yes, I understand that is a bit of a conspiracy theory, but why is it that Chris Young will need another three and a half months to be ready for game day action when they were throwing from essentially the same distance this week. Actually, let me rephrase the question. Why won't Johan Santana need the same?

The 2012 Mets have a lot riding on Santana's health this season, as there is no solid 6th starter to be found. While I understand that Santana's bullpen session went as planned yesterday, I still hesitate in thinking that he'll be ready to go at full strength on opening day. If he or the team pushes the issue, my concern then turns to how healthy he'll ever be, considering he is still owed a minimum of $54.5 million dollars.

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