Sunday, February 5, 2012

If that's all Torres is then Damon makes sense...

Jon Heyman reported yesterday that he was told a competing exec. believed Andres Torres is nothing more then a 5th outfielder.

The Mets actions may be confirming that belief, first going after Cody Ross and now monitoring the left handed outfield market.  Ankiel and Fokudome could platoon with Torres but Damon might be the perfect fit.   Damon would be able to hit at the top of the line-up while still being able to play center.

Primarily a DH last year he recent years he had moved to left field but Damon has over 1200 games in center.  Offensively his numbers have only declined slightly, lifetime BA .286, .353 OBP, .435 Slg. and .789 OPS compared to last year in 150 games .261 BA, .326 OBP, .418 Slg. and .743 OPS.