Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If these guys don't Panic does that mean somebody did...

Photo by Michael Baron 

Mike Kerwick of the Record did an article yesterday on new Met Jon Rauch, as part of the article Kerwick got some quotes from Tim Byrdak.

The lefty is the only reliever from last year's pen who appears to be a lock this year.  Beato and Parnell have options and may end up sent down, while D.J. Carrasco could end up cut.

Acosta and Batista (Longman) have more of a chance to return but they're not locks like Byrdak. Herrera has an up-hill climb now that he's no longer on the 40 man and the org. isn't convinced his screwball can cont. to trick major league hitters.

Byrdak, the lefty specialist did his job and deserves to be a lock to return, he held LHB to a .222 BAA and posted a 6.00 BB/SO ratio ( 6/36 in 110 PA).

Gone are Buchholz, Rodriguez, Misch, O'Connor, Thayer, Boyer, Igarashi, and  Isringhausen.

More importantly the main roles in the pen will all be assigned to new comers; closer Frank Francisco, Set-up man Jon Ruach and 7th inning Ramon Ramirez.

Even if Parnell and Acosta make the team, at least to start the season their roles will be diminished to ROOGY, substitutes for day's off and early inning trouble.

In Byrdak's comments, in which he was complimenting the acquisitions of Francisco and Rauch, he might have given a little insight into what was going on in the pen last year and why it needed to be rebuilt...

 “You don’t want a guy who’s going to panic,” Byrdak said. “And neither one of these guys is going to panic.” source The Record