Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ike against LHP and natural positions...

Photo By Michael Baron 

Joel Sherman of the NY Post has spoken to Mets officials who believe that Murphy and Duda are best suited for the corner infield.  Both are believed to be major league hitters but currently playing out of position, adding to speculation that this team may look drastically different in 2013.

I'm not buying all the politically correct statements about Wright's future, it reads to me as an appeasement to the fan base and a message to teams that their going to have to pay big-time for him.  By the time this team is a contender again, Wright will be a role player on a star's contract.  I think Wright is as gone as Reyes was this time last winter.

If Wright leaves it makes sense to move Murphy back to his natural position as Sherman speculates.

Duda is the power source this team needs, my only concern is with his confidence, if he goes into a slump how long will it take for him to pull out of it.  Most attribute his early struggles in the majors to his struggles with confidence.  I think Duda is going to look ugly in right field and wonder how much of an impact that will have on his offense.

The natural speculation would be to move one of Duda or Davis since they play the same position.  Sherman goes on to say the Mets are concerned with Davis' ability to hit LHP, last year he made 43 PA against  LHP and hit .163, the year before in 138 PA against LHP he hit .295.

If Davis will struggle against LHP instead of instantly considering trading him to make room for Duda, what about making him a platoon partner with Bay for the last year of Bay's deal, to see how he does in the outfield.  Davis was a decent college outfielder, he should have more mobility then a lumbering Duda and Bay maybe at that stage in his career where he needs to platoon.

In regards to Davis' ankle and the outfield, some feel that the corner outfield would actually put less pressure on the ankle then first base.  In the outfield there would be the occasional change of direction or sudden stop  but a 1B relies on his foot work for every play...

Davis also needs to re-establish his health. If he does, the Mets could move into the future with three young, interesting, cost-effective lefty hitters in Davis, Duda and Murphy. But the Mets also privately fret if Davis will hit lefties consistently; something they have far less concern about with Duda. What worries them with Duda is if he will subtract from his offensive value — which even executives around the league believe is legit — by being such a defensive liability in right. Murphy, meanwhile, has been seriously injured each of the past two seasons turning pivots at second. source NY Post