Friday, February 24, 2012

Last year Murphy had a 20% conversion rate..

Photo by Michael Baron
Mark Simon of ESPN had a pretty stark and forbidding statistic.  Last year Dan Murphy had a 20% double play conversion rate using the Bill James method.

 Justin Turner who is viewed as a utility player had a 35% conversion rate.  At what point doe the defense or lack there of, out weigh the offense; I rem. when Dan Uggla was in Florida (seems better in ALT.)  I use to hope in tight games, especially late that the ball would be hit to him will opponents same the said of Murphy.

 Hopefully, this is a moot point as he's working with Tim Tueful and in his second season at the position...

  With Murphy at second, there were 20 ground balls hit in a double play situation (ie: man on first, less than two outs), in which Murphy was either the fielder or the relay man. Via data from Baseball Info Solution/Bill James Online: On those 20 balls, the Mets turned only four double plays. That’s a 20 percent conversion rate. source ESPN