Thursday, February 2, 2012

LHBs with connection to the front office

I know for some this is a repetitive topic, but let's face there is absolutely nothing to talk about in regard to the Mets.  It's amazing how little they done and how long it's been, the last signing was Ronny Cedano on  January 12th.  They haven't even signed anyone to a minor league deal with an invitee to camp, Tuiasosopo will go straight to minor league camp.

Since there is nothing to talk about it seems like we keep looking at this elusive LHB market, don't get me wrong I'm not just regurgitating the same story to keep a blog going, I love talking Mets and if this is all there giving me then so be it.

Going off the premise, Matt at Metsblog posted this morning that the Mets are willing to spend 1M on a left handed bat. Watching several players who would fit nicely in that position sign with other teams for around that price I'm left to believe the Mets aren't a very appealing choice right now.

I think the position might be filled by someone who trusts this front office, similar to the relationship Chris Young has with Sandy and Company.  So here's another angle; here's the group of left handed hitters regardless of position who have a connection to Sandy, Depo or J.P.

Sandy Alderson was with Oakland from 1983-1998 as GM and then President, and San Diego from 2005-2009.

J.P. Ricciardi was a Yankees coach 1981-1985, Oakland from 1986-2001various roles highest position Director of player personnel and Blue Jays GM 2001-2009.

Paul Depodesta started with the Indians as a scout/special asst. to GM 1996-1998, Asst. to GM in Oakland 1998-2004, Dodgers GM 2004-2005 and Padres Asst. 2006-2010.

Russell Branyan was drafted by the Indians in 1994, Paul Depodesta was an advance scout and special assistant to the GM between 1996-1998. Branyan can play 1B/3B/OF he's always hit for power but his average has sunk every year till it's now below .200.

Felipe Lopez a switch hitter played 3B/SS in Toronto when J.P. Ricciardi was the GM, Lopez hit .240 with a .293 OBP.  Lopez was a left over from the last GM but made his major league debut under Ricciardi who was in his first season, he played in parts of two seasons 2001-2002.

Eric Chavez was drafted and came up through the Oakland system when all three were still with the A's, no longer an All-star Chavez lost three years to a back injury but proved himself to be a useful bench player in the Bronx last year. In 2011 he played 1B/3B in 58 games in which he hit .263 with a .320 OBP.

Mark Teahen was drafted in 2002 by the A's when Depodesta was still with the organization, Teahen can play 3B/1B/2B and all three outfield position ( given that CF was sparingly).  He had been a .260 hitter with a .327 OBP but last year hit only .200.

Johnny Damon played in Oakland in 2001 when Depodesta and Ricciardi were both in the front office ( regardless of Moneyball showing Depo coming as Damon signed with Boston).  Despite his advanced age Damon is still a solid lead-off hitter but his defense has become suspect.

J.D. Drew in 2005 played for the Dodgers when Depodesta was the GM.  Mr. Glass was always a player who put up decent numbers when you could keep him on the field but last year at 35 y/o in only 81 games he saw the decline in his offensive numbers. He hit .222 with an OBP of .315 and a Slg. pct. of .302.

Milton Bradley ( yes that Milton Bradley) he only played 33 games last year with the Mariners and hit .202. Bradley played for the Dodgers in 2004-2005 aside from his All-star year in Texas in 2008 his two with the Dodgers were some of his most productive years, couple that with him hitting .313 in 2007 with the Padres under Sandy and Depo. and he might look like a cheap alternative.

This is not my wish list, just a list of players who hit left handed who may have loyalties to the organizational brass which may lead them to taking a deal with the team, a team that may not look very appealing as of now.  Watching numerous players signing minor league deals elsewhere with no movement on players like Ankiel, I have to wonder if it's going to take a Young type of connection to fill the role...