Monday, February 20, 2012

Lutz doesn't draw a good number...

I like the numbers game, I don't know why and I even understand that it's generally absolutely meaningless.  But I find it interesting what players get what numbers, does Josh Satin with #3 have any greater chance of making the team then Reese Havens at #75.

We've heard of players paying for lucky numbers and others keeping their first spring training number instead of trading up.  Maybe the only thing a number indicates going into camp is who is expected to make the team, established players get their numbers and younger players expected to make the team get a regulars' number.

For example use the numbers from above, Satin has #3 because he came up last year while Havens still has a lot to prove health wise, despite the rationale behind the numbers Havens still has more of a chance to become a regular major leaguer.

When Ronny Cedano was signed there was some speculation that the Mets needed a RHH power bat on the bench who played the corner infield.  Turner has options and could be sent down, Cedano can play 2B allowing LHH Murphy to fill in at either 1B/3B.  If Murphy and Davis are in the line-up together then it makes sense to have a power righty on the bench especially if Wright isn't available.  Sending down Turner and keeping Lutz would still make the bench too right handed for me but at least you would be adding a power threat.

As I wrote in this post, Zack Lutz would fit that bill; he can play 1B/3B while hitting for power from the right side of the plate.  Lutz has struggled to remain healthy as a starter which would mean that it makes sense to use him sparingly since he seems to have a major league quality bat.

However, it doesn't appear that Lutz is in the plans, at least going into camp.  Of course, things could change depending on how good a camp he has, what injuries arise and who could struggle.  Lutz was invited to major league spring training but was assigned #65, according to MBTN it's a number that has never appeared in a regular season game on a Mets uniform.   If your wondering what number he wore last year with the Bison's it was #3.