Thursday, February 9, 2012

Maybe Wimberly makes the bench

It appears that the Mets bench is pretty much set with Nickeas, Cedeno, Hairston and Turner.  The only position left is a left handed hitter on the bench.  It had long been speculated that the last spot on the bench would be filled with someone from outside the organization, but as we've all heard the Mets have decided to pass.

So if the Mets fill out the roster from in-house the main two candidates are Adam Loewen and Mike Baxter.

The converted pitcher Adam Loewen has 14 MLB games as a hitter under his belt with a BA of .188/.297 OBP.  In AAA he hit .306 with an OBP of .377 in 137 games playing most outfield with 1B sprinkled in.

Baxter has 31 major league games had a BA .214 OBP .306.  In AAA he played in 246 games hitting .281 with a .361 OBP with 390 games in the outfield and 150 games at 1B.

Maybe Corey Wimberly is a dark horse for the position, the 27 y/o switch hitter has never made it to the majors but in 192 AAA games he has a BA of .273 with a .353 OBP while playing almost every position on the field.  Wimberly has been described as a Chone Figgins type but has been slowed at times in his career by hand and hamstring injuries...

A sixth round pick by the Rockies who ended up on the Pirates only after a detour in Oakland, second baseman Corey Wimberly has actually played every position in his six year minor league career as coaches try to find the best place for him: in 2011 he split duty between second base and the outfield positions. A player who reminds coaches of a lesser Chone Figgins, his speed could play well in the majors and should offset his lack of power: he's stolen almost 300 minor league bases but cleared the fences only 10 times in his career. (In his college career, that entertaining ratio was 82:1). source Scouting Book