Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Players didn't want to come here...

Photo by Michael Baron
Many of us, including myself were critical of the Mets for their lack of activity this off-season.  After all, they didn't sign a single player for major league camp after Ronny Cedeno in mid-January.

I didn't expect much but what I did was the Mets to add depth by signing veterans to minor league deals, specifically a left handed back, a catcher and some starting pitchers.

When they didn't sign anyone, I suspected that they didn't want to risk the 100k bonus that is part of the new CBA.  Players with six years MLB service will now receive a 100k to stay with the organization even though they signed a minor league deal and can opt. out on June 1st.

Maybe the Mets weren't as in-active as I complained they were, maybe it was simply out of their hands a result of the perception of the team itself.  It seems that the last two players they were linked to, who would have filled the holes I believe are there, simply selected other teams.  It a shame that they have become such an unappealing  destination but at least they didn't make the mistake of over paying to get marginal players.