Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sandy's Tweets Are Almost Surreal

If you've been paying attention at all this week, you've probably come across articles and posts alerting you to the fact Mets General Manager, Sandy Alderson, has joined twitter.  Not a big deal if he were to abide by the seemingly mundane rules that your normal  quasi-celebrity does, but he's not and its for that reason that I'm still trying to wrap by head around it.

The tweets you see referenced above are two of his three tweets to date.  The first, a jab at the fans who panicked over the assumption that he's driving to Port St. Lucie because the team can't afford to fly him there.  The second, which is even better in my opinion, not only takes a second shot at the teams finances but also acknowledges the somewhat questionable surroundings at Citi Field all while joking about the value of arguably the organization's top prospect, Zack Wheeler.

Its almost as if Sandy's is operating as a parody of himself because these are tweets I'd expect to see from someone mocking him.  While I laughed when each of these tweets crossed my timeline, it's still a lot to digest.  I've decided I like it, I just hope he doesn't land himself in hot water because sarcasm doesn't always translate over 140 characters.  Good stuff though in the meantime, as its good to see that he has a somewhat decent grip on the views of the fan base, even if the views of the average fan are somewhat uneducated and drastic.

You can follow Sandy on twitter @MetsGM

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