Saturday, February 4, 2012

Starting Pitchers with a connection to the front office

There are some experts who believe the Mets will bring in another starting pitcher, more then likely a reclamation project who will sign on a minor league deal.  I thought Jeff Frances or Zach Duke would have been perfect for the role and was disappointed when they signed elsewhere on minor league deals.

In discussing the left handed bats I made this post speculating that since the Mets may not be the most appealing team to sign with, that it may take a personal relationship with the front office for the Mets to land someone.

The said might be true in regards to starting pitching depth, here is a look at the pitchers left who have relationships with Sandy and Co.

The most obvious would be Rich Harden, not only does he have the highest ceiling when healthy and a relationship with the front office but he's also a lefty an area the Mets lack depth.  Harden was selected by Oakland in 2000 when Depo and J.P. were both involved in the A's draft and then spent the next 5 1/2 seasons with the team.  Last year he made 15 starts with a 5.12 ERA / 1.42 WHIP in just 82 innings.  Not much buzz around Harden in January Ken Rosenthal reported that some teams were looking at him as a late inning reliever due to his frailty.

Paul Depodesta's first trade as the Dodgers GM at the trade deadline in 2004 was for Brad Penny, Penny went on to have two A.S. seasons of 16 wins each but that was after Depo was fired and highly criticized for the trade.  Penny is no longer that pitcher but he is a free agent who made 31 starts (180 innings) with a 5.30 ERA and 11 wins for the Tigers last year.  Penny was reportedly considering pitching in Japan due to the lack of interest in him this off-season.

It seems like Doug Davis is on the verge of retiring every year, the 35 y/o made nine starts last year for the Cubs to an ERA of 6.50 and the year before he made eight starts for the Brewers with a 7.51 ERA.  He pitched under J.P. in Toronto in 2003 making 11 starts with a 5.00 ERA.

Of course there's always Chris Young would we've discussed in this post.  Here is a list of those starters without  a connection to the front office; Kyle Davies, Jon Garland, Sergio Mitre, Ross Ohlendorf, Roy Oswalt, Rick Vandehurk, Javier Vazquez, Tim Wakefield, Brandon Webb.