Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tejada delayed over Visa issue

Photo by Michael Baron

It seems like ever year, at least one player has a Visa issue and this year it's Ruben Tejada.  You would think the agents would have this down to a science by now but apparently it's not that easy.

Most reports indicate that if he's late, it wont be a long drawn out process.  At least he isn't learning a new position or playing with a new team.  Tejada filled in for Reyes plenty over the last two years and has worked with Wright and Davis.

It would be nice to see him and Murphy work together as much as possible, but for now this doesn't appear to be a big deal...

Jose Reyes is gone, and the transition at shortstop to Ruben Tejada could take longer than expected as he tries to get a visa at home in Panama. Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said Tejada was expected to meet with the embassy Wednesday and, at this point, was unsure if he'd be late for tomorrow's official reporting date for position players. source Newsday