Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tejada in the dog house...

Photo by Michael Baron

Welcome to center stage Mr. Tejada, a year ago did anyone notice when Ruben Tejada arrived in camp.  This year he's already in the dog house and getting the Louis Castillo very disappointed label from Mgr. Terry Collins.

Apparently Tejada's Visa problem was that he attempted to pick it up on a holiday, the Visa itself has reportedly been ready for quite a while.

Tejada isn't late to arrive nor can he face any type of penalty, but the youngster in his first year as a starter will probably be the last to arrive in camp ( only Ronny Cedano hasn't been seen).

Not only will he be one of the last to arrive, something generally designated for veterans like Bay who is already there but Collins had hoped he'd arrive early to work with Murphy.  With the entire infield in camp aside from Ruben it would have ideal to see just how well the new team of Murphy/Tejada worked out.

Additionally Collins had thought he made himself clear at the end of the season that he would like to see Ruben arrive early to work with Murph.