Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Would Make The 2012 Mets A Success?

Courtesy Of Michael Baron
With the expectations of most Mets fans a bit tempered this spring, I'm curious to know what it is in your minds that would make this season a success?  The average fan base enters the season with aspirations of a World Series crown, and while I'm sure that is still the ultimate goal of both the franchise and its fans, I think both would concede that the bar should be lowered if this upcoming season is going to be considered a success at all.

Its hard to put a number on it.  How many wins would it take for you to view the 2012 Mets as having had a good season?  Do they have to salvage 70 wins?  Equal last seasons take at 77?  Come in at .500?  Or do they have to make the playoffs and ultimately compete for a pennant in your mind?  Wins are really the best way to measure success, right?

What about player development?  If the Mets are doomed to struggle, as many fans (myself included) think they are, can we take solace in the fact that some future starts should arrive later on this summer?  If the Mets can successfully integrate Matt Harvey and Jeurys Familia into the rotation and incorporate Reese Havens and Kirk Nieuwenhuis into the lineup so that they can seamlessly begin contributing in 2013..would that make 2012 a success?

Maybe its simpler than that for you.  Would you be happy to simply see most of the Mets stay on the field for a change?  Would a 2012 campaign devoid of major injuries to the teams stars make this season a successful one?  Or could it be that the premiere players, such as David Wright, are still with the organization by seasons end?

What gets it done for you?  Obviously a combination of wins, health and player development would have to be considered a successful season, but do you require all three?  Maybe its something I haven't even mentioned... Personally, with the franchise being in the state its in, I would take the latter two because it would be the best way for the Mets to be successful in the long term.  Thats me...but what about you?  What makes 2012 a successful season in your eyes?

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