Friday, February 24, 2012

Who could Carrasco cost a spot..

Photo by Michael Baron
We've already seen that this organization is willing to cut ties with ineffective players regardless of their contract. But I'm still miffed at how D.J. Carrasco remained on the 40 man roster when the team needed to make cuts this off-season.

I understand the logic of keeping him to see how he comes to camp since your paying him anyway but does anyone trust Carrasco even if he has a tremendous spring, I know I don't. Were not talking about a dominant reliever who had one bad year, this is a guy with a lifetime 4.48 ERA who was out of the majors from 2006-2008.

So to keep a mediocre reliever who would the Mets have to sacrifice;

Frank Francisco, Jon Rauch, Ramon Ramirez, and Tim Byrdak all appear to be locks for the team, I would add Manny Acosta who was solid last year and is out of options.

If the Mets plan to take a second lefty the group to choose from is Robert Carson, Daniel Herrera and Chuck James.  James would be the most versatile as a former starter who could serve as the long-man, spot starter and a LOOGY.

That would leave one spot in which Bobby Parnell, Pedro Beato and Carrasco would all be competing to make the team.  It could easily come down to both Parnell and Beato having options while Carrasco gets one more in-season chance.

Even if all the lefties flop and Carrasco is an automatic on the roster Parnell and Beato are still competing for the last spot.  With all his struggles as a closer and lack of consistent secondary pitches Parnell's ERA was almost half of Carrasco's ( 3.64/ 6.02).  With Beato were talking about potential over performance but he still posted a 4.30 ERA after skipping AAA.  

Carrasco would not even still be on my roster but if he was he wouldn't be a consideration for the pen, I just don't get it.  Going into camp this is what my pen would look like...

Francisco, Rauch, Ramirez, Acosta, Byrdak, Parnell, James with Beato as next up...