Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Final roster spots taking shape...

There aren't many roster spots left up for grabs but it appears those final positions are starting to take shape...

According to Andy Martino Mike Baxter is the front runner over Adam Loewen for the 5th outfielder and left handed bat off the bench.  Loewen is an all or nothing type hitter and while the Mets don't have a power threat on the bench they don't appear to be willing to risk carrying a guy that doesn't get on base much.  Baxter is also the better fielder then Loewen whom I'm sure will be up at some point during the season.

It also looks like Daniel Herrera will be used as the bullpen lefty seeing that Tim Byrdak could be back as early the second series of the season.  Olson would have to be exposed to waivers and then could opt for free agency when Byrdak returns, so useless he's a long term solution it makes sense to keep him protected in AAA for now.  I think Josh Edgin has looked the best but I don't think they want to start his clock for just a week.

Adam Rubin says in another tweet that if Torres can't start the season with Hairston returning the Mets would add Vinny Rottino to the bench.