Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ike Davis Being Treated For Valley Fever read that headline correctly. As per, Mets' first baseman Ike Davis is being treated for the rare ailment, Valley Fever. Allow me to save you the trip to WebMD, since thats where I had to go to get the slightest hint of what Valley Fever is...

Valley fever is a disease caused by a fungus that gets into your body through your lungs. It can make you feel like you have a cold or the flu and may cause a rash. Most people get better without treatment.

But if your body’s natural defense system (immune system) is weak, valley fever can be deadly. In rare cases it can be deadly even for people with a normal immune system. Valley fever can spread from your lungs to other parts of your body.

I suppose its safe to assume that this is connected to the lung infection that forced Ike to return to New York last week for blood tests. The results of those tests are not available yet so the course of action isn't really know at this point.

In the meantime, Mets manager, Terry Collins, said when questioned today: “We’re treating him as if that’s what it is,” Terry Collins said, according to Noble. “We can’t let him run down. That’s what we’ve been told. We’ll give him some days off. He says he can go, and he’s been doing everything he’s supposed to. But we need to be sure he doesn’t push it. …We’re going forward as if Ike will be in the lineup just about every day.”

To date Ike hasn't experienced any symptoms of the disease so there is no immediate cause for panic, however it has to make the average Mets fan wonder what else could possibly go wrong. Folks, you just can't make this stuff up...

When there is more information available we'll certainly bring it to you!