Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jose Reyes Was Intent On Going To The Highest Bidder

According to a report on DeadSpin this afternoon, Miami Marlins Team President David Samson was more than forthcoming with a group of local businessmen recently. Among the topics discussed: relocation, the new Miami Marlins stadium and newly acquired shortstop Jose Reyes.

In that meeting, Samson quoted Reyes as saying:

"I really want to play in Miami as long as you pay me $1 more than anyone else… I really want to make the most money I can."
This doesn't shock me, but it does upset me a bit. It really accomplishes two things. First and foremost it confirms for me that Reyes was going to sign with the highest bidder which is the impression he gave following the season. Secondly, and probably more importantly when it comes to my memories of Jose, he's not the guy I thought he was while he was in Queens. Reyes was always lauded for playing the game like a kid. He just enjoys playing baseball, playing to the fans and all that jazz. Nope, its about the money...its always about the money.

The other reason I'm happy to see this quote is it puts to rest the idea that if they Mets had offered a contract, any contract, if they had just tried, he would have stayed. If the Mets had offered $106,000,001...maybe he would have stayed, so just get over it.

Jose Reyes is a world class athlete and may very will go on to complete a stellar career in Miami, but if he's really just in it for the money its unfortunate. I'm curious to see if this will impact the way he is perceived by Mets fans in hindsight, as he seems to have gotten by with a pass, having all the blame for his departure fall at the feet of ownership.

I didn't think he was work $106 million then, when I viewed him as a world class shortstop without a bad bone in his body, and I certainly don't think he's worth $106 million now, when its been confirmed that he's not the all around good ol' boy we had all envisioned.