Saturday, March 17, 2012

Loewen's bat looking like a fit...

Photo by Michael Baron

Unlike Dan Murphy the only thing that counts for Adam Loewen is his bat and so far this spring his bat is winning him a spot on the team.

As a bench player, how important is his defensive skills, basically he's a pinch hitter and part-time/fill-in outfielder. While he's butchered several plays in the outfield, so far this spring he has also covered quite a bit of ground and as a former pitcher he has a very strong arm.

But more important then whether he can fill-in at 1B or center field is that he's hitting .330 with a .385 OBP, .500 Slg. pct. and .885 OPS in 11 games, 24 at-bats.

Loewen is looking more and more like the left handed bat off the bench this team will need going into the season, even if they have to hide his glove...