Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mets Fever and Seat Crew Ticket Giveaway

This year, in a partnership with, Metsfever will be giving away FREE TICKETS to see the Mets at Citi Field. is a brand new, online ticket marketplace. If you've ever used Stubhub, you're familiar with the expensive, and often absurd fees that typically leave the final price far above and beyond the initial listing. If you've ever bought or sold tickets on Craigslist, you've seen how difficult that system makes it to manage the entire process.

 Enter Seatcrew: The only marketplace that charges ZERO. Plus, they let sellers list tickets at up to three locations, helping fans find tickets nearby and avoiding Stubhub's insane overnight charges. Also, Seatcrew manages and tracks your listings... SO no more random Craigslist emails to chase after. Throw in rated and reviewed users, and you've got the next era in online ticket exchanges.

 The following is the list of dates we'll be running individual promotions:

 4/15 for tickets to see JOSE, JOSE JOSE JOSE back in town with rest of the Miami Mess. Ozzie, Carlos, Hanley and all your favorite clowns will be in town.

 6/8 for some free seats for a GUARANTEED WIN against the Orioles - if W's wind up few and far between this season you'll be happy to catch a sure thing.

 9/1 for Nationals tickets. We hear Strasburg will be batting cleanup and wunder child Bryce Harper is being converted to closer

 And, 9/18 for tickets to see the Mets take on the Pirates in the closing days of the REGULAR season, trying to squeeze into the playoff picture.

 We'll be notifying you throughout the season as these promotions occur. And of course, check back regularly to see all of Metsfever's great coverage of yours and our favorite NY baseball team, the Mets.

You can see more about Seatcrew below:  

Seatcrew Promo from Daniel Sprouse on Vimeo.