Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mets send down Satin, Quintanilla and Cabrera

On Friday the Mets sent down three more players; Josh Satin, Omar Quintanilla and Fernando Cabrera.

Satin played in 14 games hitting .259 with a .323 OBP, .296 Slg and .619 OPS.  One area Mets seem to have depth is at 1B with Davis, Duda and Satin.  The team is in a interesting dilemma with Satin he could be up later in the season and could also be risked to the waiver wire to make room  for players to start the season.

Quintanilla almost made Cedeno look unnecessary but with Ronny on the team he was simply depth.  I do think Cedeno will be able to hit more but defensively they're both cagey veterans who know how to position themselves and don't forget their assignments under pressure.

As for Fernando Cabrera he struggle all spring and was a disappointment even amongst the invitees.  The veteran reliever who has had some success posted a 4.76 ERA in 5.2 spring training innings.