Monday, March 26, 2012

Torres ready to run

Photo by Michael Baron
Andres Torres was sidelined with a calf injury that he suffered while fielding a routine fly ball during a spring training game.  The injury has lingered and sent the Mets scrambling for a center field replacement.

Now it appears that scrambling was all in vain, as Torres gets ready to start running which means barring a set back, he should be ready for opening day.

I'm a bit concerned about Torres and his stamina, he reminds me of Endy Chavez who always looked great as a fourth outfielder but as a starter was prone to injuries and over exposure.

He was a journeyman AAAA / role player prior to his 2010 break out which occurred after his 30th birthday.  Last year he suffered a knee injury in a game in April that looked strikingly similar to this injury and he attributed his offensive woes last season to playing through that injury.

It still a good thing to have your starting center fielder and lead-off hitter on his way back, I just felt I needed to express my concerns about Torres in general.