Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Video; Torres injury '11' looks very similar

Photo by Michael Baron
Andres Torres left tonight's game with an apparent calf injury, the center fielder stated that he was surprised by the injury and has not had calf issues in the past.  The Mets are vulnerably thin at the position and if Torres were to miss any prolonged period of time, the organization would struggle to replace him.  Their best alternative would be to rush Kirk Nieuwenhus who should be starting the season in AAA,  the other candidates seem like day off fill-ins ( Hairston, Loewen, Baxter).

Torres may have never experienced a calf injury before but last year's leg injury that occurred in April and he attributed to his season long offensive struggles ( BA .221) looks strikingly similar to tonight's injury....

"I just strained my calf a little bit. When I caught that ball I just felt something -- not really big, but I think I have a strain," Torres said. "I was feeling great, to be honest with you. Today I just came to the field -- I rested, had a good day off -- I felt great. To be honest with you, how that happened, no clue. This is the first time that happened to me with my calf. ... I jumped a little to catch that ball. I just felt something. I was surprised, to be honest, because like I said I felt great. I don't know how that happened. No clue. It's frustrating, because I'm feeling really good. But those things happen." source ESPN NY