Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2012 Mets Fever Beer Bet

For the past several seasons in multiple sports, recently MIA Mets Fever writer, Kieran Flemming, and I have negotiated a beer bet.  Overall, I have come out ahead 3 to 1, however when it comes to the Mets we are tied at one win each.

The 2010 season saw Kieran strongly overplay his hand betting that the Mets would win 90+ games.  Last season I was at fault thinking that the Mets would win an over zealous 86 or more games.  This season, after some pretty amicable negotiation we've arrived at:


And so, I have taken the over for the 2nd year in a road.  Should the Mets end up with 72 wins on the dot, two cases of beer will be purchased and everyone wins!  So what do you think?  Who has the upper hand on this season's beer bet?