Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bay and Duda Showing Signs Of Life At The Plate

Despite the Mets early season success to this point, the lineup os not firing on all cylinders.  As good as some players (David Wright, Ruben Tejada and Josh Thole) have looked at the plate, the likes of Jason Bay, Lucas Duda and Ike Davis have looked equally lost.

That has started to change this weekend.  Both Bay and Duda have hit homeruns in Philadelphia and each proved to be pivotal plays in the Mets wins.  Both have had other hits as well and are just making better contact in general.  Just the contact would be a marked improvement over the first two series of the season, but the production appears to be coming around as well.

The lone player seemingly still lost at the plate is Davis.  After a very good spring, his approach at the plate looks as though he's never seen an off speed pitch. However, in his defense he hasn't seen live pitching since last May when he hurt his ankle and was shelved for the remainder of the year.  So it may still take some time to get up to speed, no pun intended, with his pitch recognition.

Production out if the middle third of the lineup would be a big boost for the Mets, who've simply out pitched their opponents to date.  This team was not built to be carried by its pitching, so the offense as a whole must be prepared to shoulder the load if and when the pitching staff starts to struggle.  There were some positive signs from Bay and Duda this weekend. Let's hope they can build in those moving forward to take some of their less production oriented counterparts.