Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bay on short leash...

Photo by Michael Baron

Jason Bay is a 33 y/o right handed hitting, corner outfielder who can play center field in a pinch.  Bay has hit .251, OBP .337, Slg. .386 and OPS .723 in two seasons with the Mets. His first season was cut short by a concussion after crashing into a wall at Chavez Ravine.  Bay appears to be a mere shell of the player he once was; he appears to have lost his confidence and is constantly tinkering with his mechanics, all of which isn't helped by the normal decline of his ability with age.  According to Cots Contracts here's what he's owed for the next three years: 12:$16M, 13:$16M, 14:$17M club option ($3M buyout).

Bay is once again struggling this spring hitting just .211 with no RBIs and Mike Puma reports that the Mets may re-evaluate the left field situation.  Funny part of Puma's report is the quote of the official saying these guys turn it on when the lights go on, how would that explain the last two years.  He would be an awful expensive bench player and would be near to impossible to move, besides the Mets don't really have anyone pushing for the spot to rush him out...

Sense I got speaking to a Mets official about Jason Bay is the LF isn't on scholarship as far as playing time is concerned this year. Sounds like the Mets will give Bay about six weeks, and then evaluate the situation if needed. Bay is batting .211 this spring with zero RBIs. As for now, the official is still giving Bay the benefit if the doubt: "There's something about those guys when the lights go on," the official said. source Sulia