Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Breaking News: Mets & Niese Reach Agreement On 5 Year Deal

As had been rumored earlier this week, the Mets and lefty Jon Niese were in fact making progress on an extension.  As per ESPN's Adam Rubin, those talks led to this afternoon's announcement that the Mets and Niese have reached a five year deal worth a minimum of $25 million.  Rubin writes that the deal includes two team options which can raise the monetary value of the deal to $52 million.

I'm trying to get clarification as to whether or not those two options would extend the length of the contract to seven years.  Nonetheless, this is a very organizationally friendly deal.  Locking Niese in over the next five year at an average of five million is an absolute steal! When trying to determine whether this deal is good for the club, keep in mind that the Mets will pay the inconsistent Mike Pelfrey nearly six million dollars this season.

If Niese can increase his innings count and take the next step forward in terms of performance, this could be one of the better contracts we've seen dealt out since David Wright and Jose Reyes were extended early on in their respective careers.

Update (4:04pm):

Those are some pretty healthy options, but if Niese is a perennial 15 game winner these options years will seem like steals as well. Good job by the Mets front office on locking up the best young pitcher on the staff right now. I like it, what do you think?