Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Did DeadSpin Take A Cheap Shot At The Mets Expense?

As bloggers we often call out mainstream media members when they steer off course into the realm of irresponsible reporting. Sometimes we must remember to do the same when our own fellow bloggers do the same. I went into this post thinking this was one of those times!

Late yesterday afternoon, DeadSpin reporter John Koblin posted an article about the changes made by the Mets this offseason. He commented on everything from the outfield dimensions, new wall colors, the teams new uniforms, and even the placement of the organization's retired numbers. Instead of just bashing him here, I reached out to him for comment and asked him about a variety of things to include his criticisms of Citi Field and why he's seemingly taken issue with the changes that were made. John said the following:

"I've been a diehard Mets fan since 1993. I loved Shea and I have sort
of an ambivalent relationship with Citi Field mostly because (and I'm
not saying anything new here) it didn't feel like the Mets belonged
there. And that's why I'm happy about all the changes! I love the blue
fences. I love the big apple out front. I'd love to see the Wilpons go
even farther in making it a stadium for Mets fans. There's nothing in
the piece that suggests I don't feel that way, right?

The piece is largely about how I noticed two teams (the Mets and
Orioles) starting to scale back some of the elements of a rather
generic look in baseball stadiums (the retro park), and, in turn,
finding ways to reclaim their heritage (the cartoon bird! banner

Certainly, the Mets declined attendance has WAY more to do with their
on-the-field performance (and, not unrelated, off-the-field drama),
and I should have made that point more clearly, no doubt. It's
obvious. But yeah, I don't sense a real love affair with Citi Field,
but it's starting to improve, don't you think?

Thanks for the time Rob"

I'll be completely honest, a lot of that was lost in translation in his article. However, I'm also honest enough to say that that has happened to me more often than I care to count. Not knowing his work prior to this, I wouldn't have guessed John to be a Mets fan, but he certainly displays his team knowledge in his reply.

I would agree with him that the steps the team has recently taken with regards to Citi Field have made it feel more like "home". Several people made similar comments following the team's first home stand. I enjoy the blue walls, the new party deck and even the creme colored uniforms. I do believe that winning will be what ultimately brings fans back to the ball park in droves, but improving the game experience can't hurt in the meantime.

I appreciate John's time in answering my questions. If your so inclined, you can follow him on twitter at @Koblin.

You can also follow me on twitter at @RobPatterson83.