Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Emotions Of Mets Baseball

There is something about the Mets' fan base, about us really, that is just different.  Maybe its because I have little to compare it to when I look around the tri-state area.  How many "Yankee fans" are really even baseball fans?  How many Phillies fans did you run into prior to the team's recent stretch of good baseball?  Mets fans are just a different breed.  We hang on every victory, on every defeat...we hang on every pitch.  Mets fans take this team personally.

If I had told you a week ago this morning that the Mets would be 4-2 after the first week of the season, I'd bet the very large majority of you would have accepted that scenario with open arms.  However, as we sit here today in that very situation, it just feel different.

The four game winning streak that started the season was one of epic highs for many Mets fans.  For a few brief days we were left to wonder, maybe these guys have "it".  Maybe they can put it together when everyone counted them out before the first pitch is thrown.  However in the days that have followed, the days that have seen David Wright fall victim to a broken finger and the team look undisciplined and inexperienced on the field, we've almost instantly reached epic lows.

We are Mets fans, and we're set to do battle with our boys in blue and orange.  Despite the fact that we'll never step foot on the field, we ride the same emotional roller coaster they do.  When they win, we feel good.  When they lose, we feel the lowest of lows.  And while I know the 162 game baseball season is a marathon rather than a sprint, the kid in each of us can't help but live in the present.  Today that means dismay over the unknown future and dismal outlook of this season.  By Sunday that could mean jubilation with a series win over the hated Phillies.

Yes, we are Mets fans, and just like our ball club we promote an emotional brand of baseball.  Just like the players we will be drained at the end of the season, but because we are Mets fans and because we have endured far too many seasons with more lows than highs, we will still be there regardless of the outcome.  And as you read this mired in one of those temporary lows, remember that tomorrow, against all odds, the Mets could do something special.  That's why you'll be there, why I'll be there and why the thousands upon thousands of our fellow Mets fans will always be there to see this through.  As always, Lets Go Mets!

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