Monday, April 16, 2012

Fan Expectations Don't Change Due To Mets Surprising Play

This morning I reached out to some of our readers in an effort to get a better sense of where the expectations of the fan base lie. My question was: Ten days into the season, have your expectations for the 2012 Mets changed in any way? The replies...

As you can see, the sentiment throughout is that in spite of their impressive early season play, the overall expectations of fans, whatever they might have been, haven't changed. There are those who expected this type of play, to include Mets Fever writer Josh Chapdelaine, who stands by his 83-89 win prediction. However, there are those, like myself, who expect reality to settle in eventually. In all honesty, both groups could be right. Its just too early to know.

Let us not forget that the Mets sat at 55-51 late last July before the bottom fell out of the season shortly after the trade deadline. There are far too many games remaining to pass judgement on this team, but there is definitely some cautious optimism, as there should be, amongst many Mets fans.

Solly also makes a good point that, with the exception of the Nationals, the NL East has not looked as good as everyone expected. I said prior to the start of the season, that I thought the NL East would eat itself alive, causing the its overall performance to suffer when compared with other divisions. Some of that may be in play as well, considering the number of games played against divisional opponents early on this year.

What do you think of the Mets play in relation to the rest of the season? Are we seeing the start of something special, or will things balance themselves out and see the Mets settle to the bottom of the pack?